Improving sporting ability

Improving sporting ability

Improving Sporting Abilities

Changing your attitude to believe in you own capability

Improve your reaction times

Build your confidence in certain areas

Polish your all round performance

Keep a calm and confident approach to your game/race

“the calm man always wins”.( Applies to woman as well).Is a favourite quote of mine and it is true whatever you are doing in life, especially if you are coming first in a race or about to place the ball in the bottom corner to put your team through to the final.

The ability to stay calm and focused with the knowledge that you are capable and deserve the win is integral to every winner in history.

 Let me help you achieve what you really want with just a few sessions of Hypnotherapy

Areas of sports that we work on together:

  1. Motivation for fitness
  2. Self esteem/Self belief
  3. Fine tuning for specific areas you wish to improve
  4. Staying calm to enjoy the racing or playing

The amount of sessions will depend on what issue you want to resolve

If you want to book a session or ask any questions please call Ian on 07432 570633